Vanessa’s Personal Message

I am a cancer survivor, and three time kidney transplant survivor. I have a degree in social work but over 30 years ago after my first kidney transplant; I dedicated my life to fitness. In 1994 I became certified as a fitness trainer and have been working in the field ever since. In 2004 after being diagnosed with anal cancer I became a cancer exercise specialist.

I own my own fitness company, Underwood Sports and Fitness. I train all levels and all ages, from the seasoned athlete to those living with chronic illness. I travel around the country speaking about the benefits of exercise, and the effects it has on quality and longevity of life, especially if you are living with or have had a disease. I walk the walk, and talk the talk. I have proven to the medical field many years ago (before exercise was touted as helpful) that exercise has a huge impact on one’s ability to recover and to combat side effects of chronic disease.  This has been proven time and again as I not only survived but thrived after my transplants, chemo and radiation.

I have only survived these many years because of exercise and fitness. I have defied the odds coming through life and death situations 4 times. I believe exercise has been paramount to my quality of life, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is my Prescription for life and for living!  Doctors have agreed that I am where I am today because exercise was so important in my life. I am a living tribute to the fact that exercise is critical to one’s health and total wellness.

I have spent most of my life sharing my personal as well as professional experiences with others. If I can do it you can do it! Please come join me and let’s Boot Cancer and other chronic diseases through exercise and living a healthy lifestyle!

Join me for the Boot Camp to Boot Cancer. Call 603 382 3410 or email me today to sign up! You can join at any time!

1 thought on “Vanessa’s Personal Message”

  1. Beth Moseley said:

    Vanessa, Brice and I were in your Boot Camp to Boot Cancer at StoweHope last weekend…it took me 3days to walk properly again!!!
    Even though I live in Maine, I was thinking that perhaps you and I should get together- I have a friend who teaches music in Plaistow- I need to get fit, and I need the accountability! Knowing that I’d be seeing you and not wanting to be lame afterward would keep me moving!!!
    I’ll wait to hear from you, we can work out details.
    Take care, Beth Moseley, 891 Long Plains Rd, Buxton, ME 04093

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