photo18May 14 2014, Oh Brother Brother!

Hi friends I know this is late, but it takes a while to catch up after having a baby 🙂

Many of you already know about our baby but this is for those dear friends who are all over the country 🙂

At about 12 midnight we got a call from Katherine saying that Caroline was in labor. I rushed over to North Andover. it was the strangest feeling. when we got the call, I was walking in circles and couldnt figure out what to bring, what to get , I was a mess! 🙂  By the time I got to thier house Caroline”s  contractions were two minutes apart. They were in somewhat of a panic and left for the hospital quickly.

Liela was sleeping, and I was waiting for Katherine and Tom to arrive. Tom came within minutes behind me. I waited about 45 minutes for Katherine to arrive from Portland. She picked me up and we went to the hospital at about 3 AM.

When we arrived they told us to wait in the waiting room.

Wait in the waiting room. I didn’t want to wait in the waiting room! I wanted to see my grandson arrive into this world. I was as nervous as Caroline, well maybe not quite, and they had the nerve to say have a seat in the waiting room! Whaaaaat!

I waited maybe 5 minutes and went and rang the bell again. I had a feeling that if  I was being told to wait in the waiting room, that I had missed the little guys debut! For a minute I was disappointed that I missed the birth of the baby, but I knew there was nothing I could have done.  I did have a sense this baby was coming fast. We had joked about it , but didnt really think it would happen.  I sort of prepared myself for missing his arrival.  At 2:32 Thomas Grattin Reynolds was born. 6 lbs. 12 oz. 18 inches long.
Caroline didn’t have much time to be medicated, the baby came quickly!

Dr. Daddy Joe, was ready with his “Go” bag  days ahead 🙂 He got his wife to the hospital in time to have that baby in the hospital and not the car!

Joe is thriled and he is a hands on wonderful daddy.. Love you Joe!

Thank God he is perfect and beautiful. Everyone is doing well.

Katherine and I drove back to North Andover to meet Tom and Liela.

We had to get Liela to the hospital to meet her new baby brother!  She was so excited and of course insisted on wearing her, Im the Big Sister Shirt, to be sure  everyone knew who the big sister was!
We arrived at the hospital ready and excited to meet the little guy. Liela was just incredible, she walked in and gave her mother a big hug and said mommy I love you I love you I love you thank you for giving me my brother. She was amazing to watch, completely in awe. She must have kissed her mother hundred times telling her how much she loved her. She held her baby brother and said,

I love you baby, thank you. She would kiss him and say you’re my best friend.”

Although I missed Tom hearing the news, this is how it went.. Tom was holding the baby and he looked up and said, ” so what”s his name? Caroline said Thomas.  Tom didnt hear her say that .. he said what did you say .. she said Thomas. Of course you can imagine his surprise…. and his joy! He was so excited and proud. Neither of us had any idea that this was to happen. He is certainly beside himself.

The following day or so was a little difficult with Liela.She was very sad and distraught missing her mother and her father.  Thursday morning I could not calm her down so off we went to the hospital for 8 AM.

Once she was in the hospital with mommy and daddy and baby brother she was all set.

Friday morning we didn’t say much to Liela about her brother, mother and father coming home because we didn’t want her to be anxiously waiting for hours. Grace  Karen and MC were at the house as we prepared for the homecoming.

We had cake and balloons and signs and a wonderful lunch for their arrival. Now Liela was very excited!

We had a visit with the baby and the Reynolds family, and then we all left to give them some time alone.

It is a wonderful time and we are all very blessed that Thomas has arrived and everyone is healthy and beautiful!

Note * On Thursday when we’re all in the room visiting the baby, Liela stopped and she looked around  and  said ” where did Uncle Gus go” ? It was out of the blue. We stopped dead in our tracks. It was quite amazing. Later that day she told me her dolls name is William Gus. When I put her down for bed, I said Liela did you see Uncle Gus today? She looked at me and said, “At the hospital” xoxoxo