On Sunday the 27th of April we surprised Caroline with a “Sprinkle”.

Katherine and I wanted to do something to welcome the new baby. Just something small with family and a few friends. So just  a sprinkle instead of a shower 🙂 Joe and Caroline have mostly everything they need so it was very much about being together and celebrating the Reynolds and a new life 🙂 We had a wonderful day. we had a great brunch, with  wonderful friends and family. Of course our little Liela kept us all entertained. She wore, of course a blue polka dot dress.
Caroline was surprised. Although she did say that he husband and her dad were not on their game. The two guys who are such planners, didnt really seem to have their stories straight 🙂 so she thought  something was up!  The day was all we hoped it would be. Now we await the arrival of our new little guy …. Yes a little boy!



Happy Mothers day to all my wonderful friends .. xo