IMG_3176February, so I guess its catch up time. Life has been quiet and I know that is a wonderful thing. The last time I wrote it was right before the holidays. For a family that just wanted to get through it, we celebraed four times in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule. It all worked out well. I am sure my Dream Team, (I got tired of saying Gus, Peter, Elizabeth and Mummy) were shining their light and wisdom. We had a wonderful time with Liela of course. It’s amazing how the innocence and joy of a child can lift your heart and spirits.

So Christmas was not as paralyzing as I had anticipated.

A funny thing happened to me  a few days before Christmas, call it a miracle an inspiration or whatever, but it was monumental.  I was watching the news and I was struck by such a sad story. It was about a first responder who arrived at the scene of an accident. The victim was his teenage daughter. At that moment my  heartache seemed so small. I knew that I wanted to give all my energies and prayers to this family who would now go through hell. I didn’t need to think about myself.  I also knew it was the moment that I could begin to move forward with my own grief, and I am. I came into the new year with a full heart and clear eyes(for those of you who were Friday Night Light fans 🙂

I wish the same for all of you. xo